Forest Inspired Design

Bring the beauty of the forest into your home

Beauty of Natural Wood

Live Edge Wood


The natural beauty and uniqe wood grain of each piece tells a story.  Streaks, knots, and sap runs, thick rings on good years, thin in tougher times.  What story of life will your piece tell?  Live Edge wood is finished to preserve the natural beauty and unique identity of wood grain.


Reclaimed Wood

Rustic look of Reclaimed wood makes a bold statement.  The boards and beams used are from salvage yards and saw mills.  This recycled wood provides a strong and unique look.

Express Your Creative Side

Birch sticks, logs and bark or Diamond Willow.  We have many supplies that you can use to decorate your home or office.  Fill your planters, cover your walls, we have supplies for you to express your creative side. 


Many of us are drawn to and inspired by the forest.  Your entire body feels changed, when you enter the forest. The gentle breeze on your skin, the sound of the trail under your feet. Crisp, clean air with the familiar smell of the forest. Forest Inspired Design brings this feeling home.


All pieces of furniture have been handcrafted in Winnipeg Manitoba. Our live edge wood is from privately owned bush land in the Canadian Shield. Reclaimed wood is hand picked from salvage yards and saw mills. We do not have a store-front but rather ship directly from the factory to your home or cottage. Please take the time to browse our website, and give us a call or email.  Custom orders are available.

About Forest Inspired Design

Bringing the Luxury of the forest into your home.